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                    Causes of air pollution


                    Four steps before entering the dust-free workshop

                    On the strict management system, must go through four steps. We all know that is clean and dust-free clean room cleaning area, the area of air through the clean air conditioning system to filter the specified standards, and these cleanliness with the increase in personnel, process operation and other factors change. So we must make a set of perfect management system to restrict people to try to maintain a clean room, clean room cleanliness, when entering the clean workshop, has the following req… 查看全部>>

                    Clean room construction four principles

                    Clean room decoration is a multi-functional integrated. First, the need for more professional cooperation - building, electrical, air conditioning, purification, pure water, pure gas, etc.. Followed by the need for control of many parameters such as air cleanliness, bacteria concentration and air flow, pressure, noise, illumination etc.. Clean room renovation process, with only professionals comprehensive coordination of various professional content, to achieve good control parameters to control… 查看全部>>

                    Key points of maintenance of clean room

                    Clean room stroke room maintenance points 1, the use of equipment to determine the technical specifications of equipment, if not meet the requirements of technical parameters should be dealt with in a timely manner. 2, according to the actual use, the initial effect of the air filter in the filter removed. 3, when the wind speed change hours should first check early efficiency air filter surface is black, black if that pre filter dust more, the resistance increases, which should be removed early… 查看全部>>

                    The key points in the process of clean room decoration design

                    Key dust-free workshop decoration design process, there is a close relationship between the clean room decoration of the building layout and air cleaning system, cleaning air conditioning system should obey the overall layout of the building, the layout of the building to meet the clean air conditioning system in principle, in order to give full play to the role of related functions. Clean air conditioning designers not only to understand the layout of the building to consider the layout of the … 查看全部>>

                    Purification engineering requirement on the cleanliness of clean room

                    During the purification process of clean room cleanliness requirements clean workshop of cleanroom needs and requirements of clean room cleanliness, depending on the nature of the clean room process. In this regard, the level of protection products, technology and personnel needs, together with all other parts of the cleanliness of the requirements to be considered together is very important. With the realistic point of view, to ensure adequate pollution control to a specific environment, we mu… 查看全部>>

                    Clean room clean air conditioning system requirements?

                    Clean room clean air conditioning system requirements? clean room cleaning materials, accessories and equipment used in air conditioning system in the construction of the foundation is to ensure that the quality of construction, the "standard" for the following provisions: should meet the engineering design drawings of materials, accessories and equipment types, specifications, technical performance requirements in the construction and acceptance shall be check carefully, there shall be no dif… 查看全部>>

                    What are the characteristics of clean room?

                    What are the characteristics of clean room, clean room? What is the characteristic of clean room? What are the characteristics of clean room? clean room has the following three characteristics: (1) clean room is the degree of cleanliness of the air to a certain level of human activity space, its function is to control particulate pollution. Clean the clean room is not clean, but to achieve a certain level of air cleanliness. (2) clean room is a multi-functional integrated whole. First, the ne… 查看全部>>

                    How to reduce the staff of clean room pollution?

                    Requirements for cleanliness of clean room is very strict, so there are different levels of cleanliness. But people will reduce the cleanliness of the purification project. In addition to the installation of the air shower room in the buffer, for the shower, but also regularly clean every corner. This is a part of personnel requirements: 1. from the purification engineering maintenance management perspective, with the continuous collection of filter pollutants, have system resistance will be inc… 查看全部>>

                    The main role of purification workshop

                    The most important role of the purification plant is to control the product (such as silicon chips, etc.) exposure to the atmosphere of cleanliness and temperature and humidity, so that the product can be a good environment in the production and manufacture of this space we call the purification plant. In accordance with international practice, clean clean level is mainly based on the air per cubic meter of particle diameter is greater than the number of particles specified in the standard. That… 查看全部>>


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