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                    Four steps before entering the dust-free workshop

                    Author:Source:Visits:Date:2017/1/3 9:42:04

                    On the strict management system, must go through four steps. We all know that is clean and dust-free clean room cleaning area, the area of air through the clean air conditioning system to filter the specified standards, and these cleanliness with the increase in personnel, process operation and other factors change. So we must make a set of perfect management system to restrict people to try to maintain a clean room, clean room cleanliness, when entering the clean workshop, has the following requirements: to comply with the pollutants produced by themselves and carry pollutants of two major pollutants
                    emitted by human body. There are three kinds of dust particles in the body of the
                    ; one is the environmental pollution that is attached to the hair, clothes and shoes, and the residual contaminants on the clothes and shoes. Another is personal smear, such as hair oil, perfume, cosmetics, such as eye cream. The third is the wear and tear of clothing.
                    human body is one of the main bacteria in the dust free workshop.
                    net measures include washing, changing shoes and clothes and air blowing three aspects. Therefore, people who are required to enter the dust-free workshop should take some necessary measures. Mainly includes:
                    washing water washed to hands, face and body skin temporary attachment and the accumulation of surface discharge.
                    2, Huanyi, shoes
                    in order to reduce the pollutants into the dust-free workshop from the outside, into the clean workshop staff generally after shoes and clothes. The clothing is not only the general requirements of high surface cleanliness and easy removal of pollutants, but also like a filter that will cover most of the body after the dust is filtered in the human body radiation side, should also not easy to produce static electricity. Carry out shoe dirt most, to take the washing, cleaning and pretreatment adhesion etc. at the entrance, in order to avoid too much contamination in the entrance hall.
                    3, air blowing
                    air shower is a high speed clean air to blow the whole body clothing and the temporary attachment of nude table. Three aspects of the washing, changing clothes and air shower measures can reduce pollutants outside the human body and the clothing to carry in a certain extent, reduce the pollution caused by the direct contact with the body, and most of the underwear and the indoor air away.
                    human body in the air shower room blowing time is related to the blowing rate, the shorter the blowing time, the greater the need to blow the wind speed. On the contrary can be smaller. General blowing time between 20~60s.
                    air shower room generally includes the blowing fan, the initial, medium efficiency air filter, high efficiency filter, static pressure box, nozzle and other components.
                    4, air curtain and air brake
                    shower is often located in the chamber due to the clean area at the entrance, with a clean area directly adjacent to the door, and both ends of the chain are often open and close, so it is not only used for personnel and air purification, the role of preventing from outdoor pollution. The door of the dust-free workshop personnel purification requirements is not high, sometimes lock with an air curtain, in the roof at the entrance, dust-free workshop set up with high efficiency filter unit, through slit down the jet stream, the formation of air curtain blocking pollution.
                    believes that those who have been trained in the dust-free workshop will not be unfamiliar with these four steps, or even get used to it, because they are necessary to control the production process. There are a lot of content in the management system for clean workshop, small series will be updated, please look forward to.


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