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                    Clean room construction four principles

                    Author:Source:Visits:Date:2017/1/3 9:40:35

                    Clean room decoration is a multi-functional integrated. First, the need for more professional cooperation - building, electrical, air conditioning, purification, pure water, pure gas, etc.. Followed by the need for control of many parameters such as air cleanliness, bacteria concentration and air flow, pressure, noise, illumination etc.. Clean room renovation process, with only professionals comprehensive coordination of various professional content, to achieve good control parameters to control the dustless workshop, so the process of clean room construction is very important, when building the dust-free workshop, we must pay attention to some of the basic principles of matters, to ensure the smooth completion of the dust-free workshop.
                    clean workshop construction four principle:
                    1, do not bring: do not bring any dust to the dust-free workshop, we must ensure that the following conditions:
                    A, high efficiency filter and the structure does not produce dust leakage.
                    B, keep clean workshop positive pressure.
                    C, changing the shoes by the staff, the wind can be poured into the dust workshop.
                    D, materials and equipment can be cleaned before entering the dust-free workshop.
                    2, do not produce: does not produce any dust in the clean room, must ensure that the following conditions:

                    A, staff should wear clean clothes.
                    B, do not use dust prone materials and equipment.
                    C, do not move unnecessarily.
                    D, not into supplies.
                    3, do not accumulate: do not accumulate any dust in the dust-free workshop, we must ensure that the following conditions:
                    A, do not make the corner of the equipment and cleaning around the difficult.
                    B, dust-free workshop as far as possible without exposing the wind pipe and pipe.
                    C, comply with the standard purification procedures.
                    4, fast removal: rapid removal of dust in the dust free workshop, we must do the following:
                    A, increase ventilation rate.
                    B, an exhaust device is provided where dust is generated.
                    C, the use of a suitable form of air flow in order to avoid dust adhering to the product

                    a dust-free workshop decoration, comprehensive performance is good or not, related to the quality of the production and operation costs. By many non professional design and decoration of the clean room, air cleanliness, air conditioning can control temperature and humidity is not what problem, but because of the lack of professional understanding, there are many unreasonable defects and hidden design system. Often at the expense of expensive operating costs to meet the customer needs control requirements. This is a lot easier for customers.


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