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                    Key points of maintenance of clean room

                    Author:Source:Visits:Date:2017/1/3 9:38:54

                    Clean room stroke room maintenance points
                    1, the use of equipment to determine the technical specifications of equipment, if not meet the requirements of technical parameters should be dealt with in a timely manner.
                    2, according to the actual use, the initial effect of the air filter in the filter removed.
                    3, when the wind speed change hours should first check early efficiency air filter surface is black, black if that pre filter dust more, the resistance increases, which should be removed early efficiency air filters in non-woven cleaning or to replace them.
                    4, when the replacement or cleaning of non-woven fabrics, still can not improve the speed of the air filter is said to have been blocked, resulting in increased resistance, it should replace the HEPA filter.
                    5, the replacement of high efficiency filter, the ball must be removed, remove the high efficiency filter, in accordance with the original high efficiency filter specifications to replace the new high efficiency air filter. When installing, be sure to mark the arrow on the HEPA filter. The arrow points to the direction of the airflow. And to ensure a good seal to prevent leakage.
                    6, high efficiency filter after the replacement is necessary to confirm the border without leakage phenomenon, and the use of dust particle counter detection, to achieve technical indicators can be carried out after the normal work.
                    7, regular maintenance of electrical circuits, if there is failure to refer to the electrical schematics for maintenance.
                    8, the regular of door enclosure, making the electronic lock and lock pin alignment, in order to avoid the death card.
                    9, the temperature of the equipment should not exceed 50 degrees, and the use of open flame is strictly prohibited


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