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                    The key points in the process of clean room decoration design

                    Author:Source:Visits:Date:2017/1/3 9:37:45

                    Key dust-free workshop decoration design process, there is a close relationship between the clean room decoration of the building layout and air cleaning system, cleaning air conditioning system should obey the overall layout of the building, the layout of the building to meet the clean air conditioning system in principle, in order to give full play to the role of related functions. Clean air conditioning designers not only to understand the layout of the building to consider the layout of the system, but also to the building layout requirements, so that it conforms to the principle of clean workshop. Introduce the key points of the design of clean room decoration.
                    , a clean workshop design of the layout of the general layout of the
                    clean workshop, including clean area, clean area and auxiliary area of three parts. The layout of
                    clean room can have the following several ways:
                    type: veranda around the verandah there can be no window and window, a visit and put some equipment, some in the gallery located on duty heating. The outer window must be double sealed window.
                    Gallery style: dust-free workshop located in the periphery, and the corridor is located in the interior, the cleanliness of the corridor is generally higher level, and even the same level of clean workshop.
                    both ends: clean area located in one side, the other side of the set of clean and auxiliary room.
                    core type: in order to save the land, shorten the pipeline, can clean area as the core, up and down by various auxiliary rooms and hidden pipeline space surrounded by this way to avoid the effects of outdoor climate on the clean areas, reduce the thermal energy consumption, energy saving.

                    two, personal purification route
                    in order to minimize the pollution generated by human activities in the operation, personnel before entering the clean area, must replace the clean clothes and shower, bath, disinfection. These measures, namely, personal purification". People in the room with clean clothes should be sent to the wind, and the other side of the inlet side of the room to maintain positive pressure on the toilet, shower to maintain a little positive pressure, while the toilet, shower should maintain negative pressure.

                    three, material purification route
                    a variety of objects in the clean area before going through the purification process, referred to as "net".
                    material purification line and the net line should be separated, and only if the material is in the same place into the clean room, must open the door into the room, and after purification of crude material.
                    for the production line is not strong in the middle of the material can be located in the middle of the library.
                    if the production line is very strong, the use of straight through material routes, and sometimes also need to set up in the middle of the road through multiple purification, transmission facilities. In the system design, net room rough cleaning and fine purification stage due to be blown many particles, so relatively clean area should keep the zero pressure or negative pressure, if the pollution risk of the entrance direction to maintain negative pressure.

                    four, pipeline structure
                    clean workshop pipeline is very complex, so the use of these pipelines hidden organization. There are several ways to hide the specific organization.
                    (1) technical sandwich. In the interlayer of general because of supply and return air pipe section, the object in the interlayer first consideration. Generally arranged in the top of the mezzanine, under the arrangement of electrical lines. When the bottom plate of the interlayer can bear a certain weight, the utility model can be provided with a filter and an air exhaust device.
                    (2) room technical sandwich. This way, compared with only the top layer, can reduce the wiring and height of interlayer, can save the return pipe return dissection technology needed to. In the inside can return to power distribution equipment, a dust-free workshop on a layer can be a layer of warm.
                    2, a technology (wall)
                    level pipeline interlayer is typically to vertical pipeline and the vertical pipeline where the hidden space is a technology. The technology can also be placed in a clean room should not be in some auxiliary equipment, even as the general return air duct or plenum chamber, some can install light tube type radiator. This kind of technology to (wall) because they use the light off, so when the process adjustment, can be conveniently adjusted.
                    3, if
                    technology to shaft technology (wall) often do not need more layers, more layers with technology of shaft, and often as a part of the building structure, with a permanent. Due to the technology of shaft layer collusion, in order to fire, the internal pipeline installation is complete, in the interlayer fireproof limit of not less than the closed floor materials, maintenance work stratification, maintenance door must be fireproof door. Regardless of technology or technology, technology of sandwich lined shaft, when directly used as duct, the inner surface of the inner surface must be treated according to the requirements of the clean workshop.

                    five, room location
                    air conditioning room close to the requirements of the supply of large dust free workshop, and strive for the shortest route of the wind pipe. But from the prevention of noise and vibration, it is necessary to clean the workshop and the room separated. These two aspects are considered. The separation is:
                    1, structural separation. There are the following:
                    (1) settlement seam opening. So that the gap between the gap between the workshop and the computer room, the role of segmentation.
                    (2), open the double wall. If the room close to the clean room, not public wall partition, but have their own walls, leaving the cracks with certain width on both sides of the wall between the.
                    (3) auxiliary ventricular septum. In the clean room and computer room between the auxiliary room, play a buffer role.
                    2, decentralized mode. Divided into the following categories:
                    (1) on the roof or ceiling on the dispersion: the room is often located in the top floor of the practice, so far away from the bottom of the dust-free workshop, but the next layer of the roof is best set


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