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                    Purification engineering requirement on the cleanliness of clean room

                    Author:Source:Visits:Date:2017/1/3 9:36:32

                    During the purification process of clean room cleanliness requirements
                    clean workshop of cleanroom needs and requirements of clean room cleanliness, depending on the nature of the clean room process. In this regard, the level of protection products, technology and personnel needs, together with all other parts of the cleanliness of the requirements to be considered together is very important. With the realistic point of view, to ensure adequate pollution control to a specific environment, we must control the indoor ventilation frequency, control indoor temperature and humidity control, and the adjacent room differential pressure control of indoor particle concentration, control of building materials and equipment room use, control the number of micro organisms, the number of levels of pollution and ventilation the clothing used control filter. Other factors to consider are: personal hygiene, equipment selection, traffic and logistics channel.
                    air conditioning system clean room ventilation is generally to eliminate indoor pollutants. This is not only to create a safe environment for products and processes, but also to create a satisfactory working environment for the staff. There are two different ways of ventilation in a dust-free workshop: conventional air flow systems and unidirectional air flow systems. The
                    is used in a conventional air flow system, where the air supply is accomplished by one or more efficient filters (or other filters) at different locations in the room. The one-way flow system (also known as laminar flow system LAF or UDF), is the full of the ceiling (vertical flow cleanroom) or whole wall (horizontal flow cleanroom) of the HEPA filter (or other type of air filter).


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