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                    Clean room clean air conditioning system requirements?

                    Author:Source:Visits:Date:2017/1/3 9:25:26

                    Clean room clean air conditioning system requirements?
                    clean room cleaning materials, accessories and equipment used in air conditioning system in the construction of the foundation is to ensure that the quality of construction, the "standard" for the following provisions:
                    should meet the engineering design drawings of materials, accessories and equipment types, specifications, technical performance requirements in the construction and acceptance shall be check carefully, there shall be no difference; materials, accessories and equipment used in the internal
                    , and surface material, are not harmful substances produced or distributed products in clean workshop affect the normal production, yield and quality of health personnel, the requirement here may not be harmful substances produced or distributed widely, its connotation yes, easy to recognize and control such as the impact of health personnel such as formaldehyde; some are not easy to recognize and control, especially the harmful influence of product quality, Often with the product production process, product characteristics related to chemical pollutants, proposed construction enterprises and construction units to sign the contract, should increase the content, and by the construction unit to seriously study and put forward the requirements.
                    to prevent the clean air conditioning system debugging and commissioning after contaminated or in the process of debugging by the clean room (area) pollution have not completed the project, should be in clean room (area) of the building decoration acceptance and completion of various pipeline construction, and after verification to debug the clean air conditioning system in the clean room and the test run. There is no emphasis on the acceptance of various pipelines should be qualified, but should be carried out such as the initial inspection of pipeline purging and pressure test qualified, and should be carried out the relevant procedures for the handover.


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