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                    What are the cleaning requirements into the dust-free workshop

                    Author:Source:Visits:Date:2017/1/3 9:20:28

                    Clean Room, also known as clean room or clean room. It is the basis of pollution control. Control the concentration of air suspended particles, so as to achieve the appropriate level of cleanliness of particles. Clean room is a certain space within the air particles, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants excluded, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, air velocity and air flow distribution, noise vibration and lighting, static Control in a range of needs, and given a specially designed room.

                    What cleanliness requirements are there in the clean room?

                    (1) clean clean room wall should use clean room clean cloth;

                    (2) a detergent was treated with 90% deionized water and 10% isopropanol;

                    (3) the use of approved cleanroom special detergents;

                    (4) every day to check the workshop and the preparation of the trash, and in time to clear away.

                    (5) each floor should be dust. Each shift should indicate the completion of the job on the map, for example, where to end.

                    (6) Clean the floor of the clean room should use a special mop.

                    (7) Vacuum cleaning in a clean room should use a special vacuum cleaner with a high efficiency filter.

                    (8) All doors need to be inspected and dried.

                    (9) After sucking the ground and then wipe the ground. Rub the wall once a week.

                    (10) overhead floor also have to clean and wipe.

                    (11) three months rubbed the bottom of the floor under the pillars and pillars.

                    (12) work must remember, always rub from the top down, from the furthest away from the door to the direction of the door rub.


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