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                    What is a clean room?

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                    Clean room (Clean Room), also known as the clean room, is a low level of environmental pollution, pollution sources referred to here are dust, air borne microorganisms, suspended particles, and chemical volatile gas. To be more precise, a clean room has a controlled level of pollution, which can be determined by the number of particles per cubic meter or by the maximum particle size. Low - level clean rooms are usually non - sterilized (such as those that are not controlled) and are more concerned with airborne dust. The definition of clean room: elimination of air space within the scope of the dust particles and other pollutants, and get a fairly clean environment. That is: very few dust particles in this environment, called the clean room. Clean room is widely used in particularly sensitive to environmental pollution of the industry, such as semiconductor production, biochemical technology, biotechnology, precision machinery, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and other industries, the semiconductor industry, the humidity of indoor temperature and cleanliness, particularly strict requirements so it will need to control in a certain range of needs that will not affect the process. As a production facility, clean room can occupy a lot of plant location. Clean room system for the production of clean air in accordance with specifications, continuous and stable supply of clean air at the end of the use of clean room manufacturing area (FAB). The following production process by air shower manufacturers Wuxi net simple introduction of clean room: air through the outdoor air box (Make-up Air or MAU Unit) of dust filtration (particle) and the control of temperature and humidity, through the return pipe (Mech. Chase), the clean room air circulation of air volume and outdoor air ring the box is mixed through the cooling coil (Dry Cooling Coil) specification will return between the return air duct cooling to room requirements, through the circulation fan (Fan Filter or FFU Unit) to drive the air circulation clean away dust and heat, after the ultra high performance filter (Ultra-low penetration air or ULPA Filter) after filtering to supply, Fab. Air shower manufacturers specialize in all kinds of Wuxi net clean room, clean room, clean room, clean room engineering purification engineering design and construction, with industry leading performance and visibility in the construction, electronics, chemical, machinery, pharmaceutical industry, clean room, clean workshop, clean room and clean room purification engineering project the production field has a wealth of experience, the construction technology is mature, reliable quality and clean engineering.


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