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                    Precautions for the completion acceptance of dust-free workshop

                    Author:Source:Visits:Date:2016/12/17 10:29:04

                    Dust free Workshop - the completion of the acceptance of the clean plant, is a single trial in each division, no production load test system after passing the test. The completion and acceptance of the contents of the single division engineering commissioning and production load test verification system, clean room (area) performance parameter testing and debugging, the division of the perception of quality verification, functional testing and debugging according to requirements. (1) clean the completion of inspection, should carefully check the completion and acceptance of information, generally include the following documents and records: 1 drawings, design change notice and record the completion graph; 2 main equipment, every branch engineering materials and instruments factory certification and field inspection report; 3 the engineering division of the single equipment, system installation and inspection record; 4 divisions stand-alone commissioning record; 5 the engineering division system, no load test run and debug records; 6 kinds of pipeline test, inspection and test record inspection records; the engineering division of the 7 safety facilities; 8 quality acceptance records of the engineering division. (2) the main contents of the tests, the final acceptance of the clean workshop are as follows: 1 the visual flow velocity and Volume 2; 3 air filter testing; leak detection; 4 clean room (area) of the tightness test; static pressure difference between the test room 5; 6 air cleanliness level; 7 purification time; 8 temperature and relative humidity; 9 illumination value; 10 noise level; 11 other construction projects need to detect the. (3) clean workshop completion acceptance, after verification and approval, approval function in accordance with the requirements of acceptance function is tested in the "static", its main contents are as follows: 1 the test detection of air cleanliness level; 2 production process requirements, should also be cleanliness test tested microbial testing or chemical pollutants or special surface; 3 clean room (area) to test the stability of temperature and humidity detection; 4 purification time; 5 detection of clean room (area) of the closed test; 6 Determination of illumination; Determination of 7 noise level; 8 required, confirm and record the flow form and ventilation frequency; other 9 test items the need for the other. (4) the use of clean plant acceptance, should be written using the acceptance report, its main contents are: 1 clean workshop in various facilities (including production equipment) open description; clean room (area) 2 test personnel and the activities of the 3 item description; test records and analysis (including test coordinate location, etc.); effective verification certificate 4 test instrument; 5 approval issued by the relevant conclusion.


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