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                    China's air purifier industry urgent need to regulate

                    Author:Source:Visits:Date:2016/12/17 10:25:03

                    In recent years, the domestic air continues to deteriorate, seriously affecting human health. In recent years, China's foggy weather is increasing, the daily life and work we have a huge impact, but it also contributed to the vigorous development of air purifiers.


                    In recent years, the incidence of lung cancer has continued to rise due to factors such as air pollution, environmental control, rising smoking and other factors. The public on the hidden dangers of environmental pollution has shown an unprecedented anxiety and concern, the public awareness of the environment continues to increase. At present, China's air purifier family holding less than 1%, the future of the air purifier market will show a rapid development trend.


                    With more and more enterprises began to layout the air purifier market, full competition will promote the upgrading of product technology to accelerate the next three years, China's air purifier sales will continue to maintain rapid growth in 2014, the size of the air purifier market will break through 200 Billion yuan. With the increase in air pollution problems, more and more manufacturers to enter the air purifier market, from 2013 onwards, the air purifier market showed explosive growth in 2013, 77 brands.


                    Air purifier technology threshold is very low, the current main use of carbon adsorption technology. At the same time, China's air purifier industry is still in high growth period, the overall profit is very high, air purifier gross margin of at least 100% .At the same time, low-tech threshold and high profits so that all kinds of enterprises rush, many international brands, Big brands and small and medium enterprises have entered, leading to the whole industry varies greatly, air purifier industry needs to be standardized.


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