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                    Air shower room is necessary equipment for food manufacturers

                    Author:Source:Visits:Date:2016/12/15 11:40:47

                    "Hunger breeds discontentment", food is very important to us but in recent years, even woman and children all know, especially in 2014, all kinds of food poisoning from tainted milk, emerge in an endless stream, poisonous seeds, poison capsule to the recent burst of poison pepper, food safety concerns. Since the food industry is closely related to the design of the wind shower room purification, so as the food industry purification engineering manufacturers, whether it can be a force for food safety?.

                    in addition to raw materials design personnel of uncontrollable factors, in the production of food in the environment is clean in place, temperature controlled storage and transportation process is reasonable, the use of air shower purification equipment is safe and reliable, are directly related to the food safety and health, and these are the designers can not shirk responsibility. At the same time, for the food industry, such a labor-intensive industry, where the security is not only refers to food safety, but also in the process of food manufacturing staff safety. A food factory because the ammonia leak caused by the staff and the surrounding residents poisoning or death cases shocking, and how can it be said that this design has nothing to do.

                    security issues in the food industry, on the one hand, the designer level is related to the professional, on the other hand to the designer's industry conscience. Only these two have enough to make our food is no longer a poison". In the process of Light Industry Institute of food production to avoid security risks with obvious ammonia refrigeration, and to replace the freon refrigeration safety coefficient is higher, even if the links are strictly ammonia refrigeration isolation, which to some extent reduce the leakage of ammonia to the staff and surrounding residents to bring the threat to life.

                    at the same time, in the food processing, packaging and freezing process, purification engineering industry leaders at Delta led by the accumulation of experience, in strict accordance with the standard implementation of the purification of the food industry, to create a precedent for purification. In the design of their project, entering the workshops need to perform strict cleaning, replacement slippers, clothes, cosmetic, through the locker room disinfection, and then through the air shower room shower, the last to enter the workshop, strict partition flow, logistics, flow, flow, workshop toilet with toilet, also greatly to improve the cleanliness, many customers have found it difficult to accept, but in the Big deal even think, said: "the only correct in detail, in order to truly keep safety and health, food production and transportation environment in the food, we should be responsible for conscience.


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