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                    The content of clean technology in UK and the Enlightenment of British clean technology to China's sanitary cleaning project

                    Author:Source:Visits:Date:2016/12/15 11:34:09

                    In our mode of thinking, when it comes to environmental protection, many people immediately think of pollution control, that is, how to deal with and dispose of waste, waste gas and waste water and other pollutants. The British put on pollutant conventional control technology called "end treatment technology. Today, many countries are trying to change this passive approach, instead of using not only beneficial to the environment, but also conducive to economic development, positive and active "clean technology" (clean process) are the source of governance, the environmental protection work to a new level. China's clean technology is now in the initial stage, the concept of clean technology has been generally accepted, but in reality the application to the source is still relatively small.
                    in the strict sense, "clean technology" refers to the process and technology". However, it is not possible for the production process to produce no waste, which is like a limit, and can only be infinitely close. Therefore, the reasonable meaning of "clean technology" should be the process and technology that can reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy, and effectively prevent the generation of pollutants and other wastes. The "clean technology", not only can make the product to reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy in production, reduce harmful by-products of the environment, but also make the products in use at the end of period, also easy to be disposed of, will reduce their impact on the environment to a minimum. 2 clean technology content in the United Kingdom more emphasis on "clean technology" (clean technology) research and application. In July 1990, the United Kingdom "agricultural and Food Research Council" and "science and Engineering Research Council" jointly set up a clean technology group, is responsible for organizing the "clean technology" research. In September 1990, the British government put forward the development of "clean technology"". In recent years, the British science and Technology Advisory Committee, the Advisory Committee of the British Research Council and other institutions have been on the development of clean technology issue to the government to submit a special report. It can be expected that with the continuous enhancement of environmental protection and the sustainable development of economy, the research and popularization of clean technology will be a new situation. To sum up, the clean technology includes seven aspects: the content of product design, make the design of the product manufacturing, use and disposal of scrap or withdraw after recycling, consumption of resources (materials and energy) less. Energy production - the production of clean energy, such as renewable energy, biofuels, coal gasification, etc.. New process - a process that is quite different from conventional product manufacturing processes. Process improvement -- the improvement of conventional process. Process control - including monitoring and control of process. Energy efficiency - refers to the process can effectively use energy. On site recycling of waste - in the production process, the use of waste in the field. The 3 China clean technology clean technology in China started relatively late, in the "SARS", the medical workers put forward the concept of "clean", the concept of clean hospital including a wide range, including layout design, isolation rooms, clean operation room and online maintenance system. British "clean technology" is of great reference to the design of sanitary and clean engineering units in china. Now the design determines the process, if the source control, design is the source of clean technology application. The purpose of clean technology used in clean Engineering, is to change the original control afterwards to advance control, therefore, we should consider in the design of clean environmentally controlled project, the actual control should consider the following factors: (1) temperature; humidity; (2) (3) (air, air, air exhaust); (4) wind speed; (5) pressure; (6) cleanliness; (7) CPU (8) colony number; noise; illuminance; (9) (10) (11) static; micro vibration; (12) medium purity (13); air distribution; (14) self static time; (15) AMC (16) molecular contamination; flammable gas and toxic gas concentration. 4 British clean technology on clean sanitation engineering of China 4.1 clean engineering design should change the traditional clean engineering engineering design concept of health designers mainly engaged in engineering design, at present, there are few domestic clean designers receive professional knowledge training, the national standard issued new requirements, design a clean design related knowledge to be engaged in clean room, especially in the medical industry, related to people's lives and the safety design. It is now necessary to change the situation in the past with a semi professional level, the use of "clean technology" to the design of the concept of clean engineering. 4.2 clean clean construction engineering construction control at present most of the no clean concept, not what is the difference between ordinary and construction of factories, the main problem is that at present the clean construction lack of professional norms. How to strengthen the control of the construction of sanitary and clean Engineering, to avoid the hidden dangers for the clean project, but also a problem of the application of clean technology in engineering. We will standardize the process of sanitation engineering construction, with the "clean technology" concept to guide the whole process of construction, at the same time, training a group of professional personnel to strengthen the process of supervision, clean construction control, achieve the purpose of construction dust. Control of things so as to minimize damage to the environment and human existence. 4.3 the design and construction of the sanitary and clean Engineering for the later period of the hygiene cleaning project


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