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                    What is a decontamination project?

                    Author:Source:Visits:Date:2016/12/15 11:30:14

                    The application of.
                    purification engineering, purification Engineering (what is the purification Engineering)
                    through engineering facilities and strict management of purification, the indoor particulate content, flow and pressure control in a certain range, the room is called the clean room. The use of

                    two, purification Engineering 1 microelectronics industry
                    microelectronics industry is the industry's highest industrial requirements of clean room clean. In addition, as the modern industry of liquid crystal and optical fiber production, has the same cleanliness requirements.
                    (1) pharmaceutical industry drug production in China "drug production management norms" (also called GMP) has been implemented throughout the country, put forward different grades corresponding to the process requirements of the production environment. In addition to defining the size and content of dust particles in the air, there is a clear limit on the number of biological particles (bacteria).
                    (2) therapeutic room,, burn ward, operation room, according to the conditions of the corresponding clean technology to prevent bacterial infection in the air, the treatment of environmental protection.
                    (3) medical science experiment should provide a clean environment for the experiment of the raising of experimental animals and genetic engineering.
                    3 aseptic packaging of food, food color, aroma, taste, nutrition, etc. are also superior to the high-temperature sterilization of canned food. Other
                    4, such as aerospace industry, precision machinery industry, instrumentation industry, fine chemical industry, etc., are used in clean technology.
                    with the development of science and technology, especially in the semiconductor industry, many production steps must be carried out in clean room conditions. The application of clean room technology is becoming more and more important, and now we introduce the application of purification engineering technology in various fields!
                    in the microelectronics industry, precision instruments, LED, LCD and so on those engaged in precision production and scientific experiments, for the needs of production have reached a certain clean production environment, a technology which needs special construction of clean workshop, clean room or clean room, it is clean technology. She is in order to adapt to the experimental research and product processing precision, miniaturization, high purity, high quality and high reliability requirements and the birth of a new technology. Clean room (cleanroom) the name and concept derived from the eighteenth Century 60s European medicine, then understand only by spraying after disinfection can control the sterilization work environment a department, disposal of infection rate in operation room. Although modern clean room used the term, but in the definition and connotation and the original concept is fundamentally different, a special form of modern clean room, but only half a century of its history.


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