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                    Seven key problems in design and construction of purification engineering

                    Author:Source:Visits:Date:2016/12/15 11:29:05

                    As everyone knows, plant site selection, general layout design, layout, equipment selection and production and quality management of the "big problem" is the production of enterprise security production environment to achieve the standard of cleanliness, an important measure to prevent contamination and cross contamination and other requirements. However, in the design and implementation of clean Engineering, there are some details need to do full article, or it may be "qianlizhidi, collapse in Yixue, spending huge money and energy projects will move because a duct is not appropriate or personnel to reach the expected effect. Affect the quality of products.

                    purification engineering design and construction of seven key problems:

                    , a wind pipe and economic efficiency.

                    in concentration or purification of air conditioning system, the air duct is both economical and effective ventilation. The former requirement is reflected in the low price, convenient construction, operating costs, small resistance to smooth surface. The latter refers to a good tightness, no leakage, no dust, no dust, no pollution, fire, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance.

                    in the operation, sometimes the local resistance of the pipe is much higher than the resistance of the wind pipe, this situation needs to be improved. The main pipe elbow, tube and pipe three through four. The center of curvature radius elbow should be greater than the length of the rectangular duct, is 1.25 times of the diameter of circular. Large section of the wind pipe should be added in the tube to reduce resistance. In the actual installation and construction, less so. For the tube, not all of a sudden diameter should be gradually expanded into (shrinkage) tube diffuser, each side expansion angle should be greater than 15 degrees, reducing pipe per edge contraction angle of not more than 30 degrees. Rectangular duct three to same flow pipe bending shunt branch should also have a radius of curvature. To 90 degrees angle diversion, the elbow should be added to the deflector.

                    two air conditioning purification need to pay attention to energy saving

                    air conditioning purification is a large energy consumption, design and construction need to pay attention to energy saving measures. In the design, and the regional division of the system, air volume calculation, to determine the temperature and relative temperature, determine the level and number of air exchange, clean fresh air ratio, air duct insulation, wind pipe production in the form of the bite effect on leakage rate, effect of dry branch pipe connected with the angle of the air flow resistance, flange connection is the air leakage of the equipment and air conditioning box, air blower, water chiller selection without relating to energy consumption, therefore, these details must be considered.

                    three, according to the climatic conditions of the election of air conditioning box

                    on the choice of air conditioning, should consider the climate. As in the low winter temperatures, the amount of dust in the air in the northern area, it should be added in the air preheating section of general air conditioning unit, the spray type air handling mode, which not only on the air and dust to produce heat exchange to achieve temperature and humidity required. In the humid climate, air dust concentration is low in the south of China, winter is also no need to preheat fresh air, filtering and adjustment of the temperature and humidity of the air is the primary filter table, cold temperature and humidity regulation, also can strengthen the temperature and humidity reduction process, then through the filter and the terminal, or sub high efficiency filter. Air conditioning box equipped with the best use of fan inverter, which is not only energy saving, but also flexible adjustment of air pressure.

                    four, telephone and fire equipment can not be less

                    clean workshop set the phone, phone calls, to reduce personnel walk in clean areas, reduce the amount of dust, but also in the case of fire timely contact with the outside, also for the normal work of contact conditions. In addition, should also set the fire alarm system, fire prevention is not easy to be found outside and cause significant economic losses.

                    five or more units of chiller water chiller more flexible

                    if the larger cooling capacity, it is not appropriate to choose a single machine, it is appropriate to use multiple mechanisms, the motor should be frequency conversion speed regulation, to reduce the starting power. Multi machine can be used flexibly, there will be no big horse car, a waste of energy. Six, to ensure the full automatic control device of

                    regulation of

                    at present, some manufacturers of manually controlled air volume and pressure, but due to the valve air volume and pressure control in the technology layer, and also is the soft ceiling ceiling color steel plate, the installation is adjusted well, then is basically, most did not re adjusted, actually also cannot be adjusted. In order to ensure the normal production and operation of clean plant, should set up a complete set of automatic control devices, to achieve the following functions: clean room air cleanliness, temperature and humidity, differential pressure control, air regulating valve; high pure gas, water and cooling water temperature, pressure and flow detection; gas purity, pure water the monitoring etc..

                    cleaning air conditioning system with the increase of the air filter running time, resistance increases, in order to maintain the air volume is required to adjust the system of the air valve. When debugging the system in the start, in order to make the fan no-load start, you need to close the fan outlet valve, after the start of the fan, due to the pressure on the valve is very difficult to open. With the change of the pressure difference before and after the air filter to control the frequency conversion speed regulating device of the fan, the adjustment of the air supply quantity will become very easy.

                    these monitoring devices can be designed into a single system of measurement, control systems, can also be designed into a distributed computer control and management system. Clean air conditioning system in the fan stop wind or super high temperature, the electric heater will continue to send electric heating, causing damage to the equipment or fire, in order to avoid the occurrence of such a situation, should be set up and wind protection over temperature power.

                    seven air conditioning room should be in clean room side

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