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                    National health air conditioning standards are expected to introduce


                    Lack of standards so that health air conditioning deep in the vortex of doubt and difficult to conclude. However, the daily economic news yesterday was informed that the national health air conditioning standards have entered the late stage of the development stage, is expected to be introduced during the year. By then, has been controversial health air conditioning can have a clear evaluation criteria. After the Chinese market, there is no real health air conditioning." The day before the Chinese disease prevention researcher, environmental health and related product safety control center director office of the promotion of scientific and technological achievements Yadong Lee's words, no doubt to the domestic air-conditioning industry has entered the sales season head-on poured a pot of cold water. And the formation of the two camps in the industry: there are companies that this is purely speculation, there are companies admitted that the ability of air conditioning sterilization is not obvious. In this regard, the national health standards lead unit air conditioning "China Home Appliances Research Institute president Ma Dejun said yesterday," health "is just a commercial concept, the national standard is mainly from the aspects of antibacterial, sterilization, purification of air conditioning to define the function itself, and standardize the market order. Ma Dejun said, the year is expected to introduce the national standard for disinfection "general" household and similar electrical appliances, the general also includes three sub standard, respectively for air conditioning, refrigerator and air purifier. He made it clear that even if the international community does not have a package for the "healthy air conditioner" clear concepts and standards, because in the test method, the related indicators and the most close to the detection using real situations are extremely challenging. Ma Dejun also said that the current national standards for sterilization, antibacterial, etc., for the air conditioning can also remove any other material, the standard itself does not involve. Because national standards can only be developed for some relatively mature standards, and some immature areas are not suitable for the standard. An industry believes that healthy air conditioning is the mainstream trend of global air conditioning technology development, but also a lot of air-conditioning manufacturers want to cross the technical barriers. The introduction of the standard, the birth of healthy air conditioning market maturity and regulate the orderly competition among manufacturers will have a positive impact on


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