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                    China's central air-conditioning industry showed a rapid development trend


                    2012~2016 Chinese central air-conditioning end products Market Research Report shows that China's central air-conditioning terminal industry has shown a trend of rapid development, each link from production to sales are becoming mature, the market potential is huge. With the rapid development of China's economy, many shopping malls, office buildings, hotels and other public facilities have been built in china. Analysis of people pointed out that, as a mature market, the end of the central air-conditioning market because of product technology difference is small, the homogenization of the situation is more obvious; and users in the procurement of end products of central air conditioning of the brand is not high, causing manufacturers to enter the market at the end of the low threshold, many enterprises compete more confusion. Central air-conditioning terminal products in the high-end market competition situation is relatively moderate. This is mainly because the end product as the main equipment, usually by way of the whole bidding or bundled sales, and in the project bidding competition, the host device and the installation amount accounted for the vast majority of funds. Therefore, the focus will not project competition around the central air-conditioning end products, resulting in end product competition in the high-end market in smooth water "". The full use of the central air conditioning system not only depends on the design and installation of the system, but also depends on the function and process design, manufacturing quality, installation and maintenance, etc.. In the future, the optimization design of the central air conditioning terminal and the development of additional functions will become an important means to create a personalized and specialized indoor environment for different industries. This is not only the central air-conditioning end products marketing selling point, will also be the end of the central air-conditioning manufacturers through differentiated competition to create brand personality, improve the added value of the core technology, one of the most important selection criteria to establish strategic cooperative partnership or the central air conditioning host enterprises. Air conditioning and refrigeration market experts believe that China's central air-conditioning terminal industry in the rapid development, but also moderate stop to examine their own shortcomings, and constantly reflect on and learn from the capital and the initiative and international speculators competition the only way to the future development of central air-conditioning industry in the end. The future direction of the market, the end of the central air-conditioning manufacturers is reinforced by the competitiveness of the products, combined with marketing differences in market segments, increasing the penetration of the end user, to enhance its own brand, in order to expand the influence of engineering and agent.


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