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                    The problem of environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious


                    With the rapid development of industry, the problem of environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. In order to ensure the indoor air quality, the popularization of the new air system is urgent.
                    in the energy conservation considerations, the modern building air tightness is getting higher and higher, indoor ventilation is very poor, a long time in the interior of the people there have been some symptoms, which is the so-called "pathogenic building syndrome". Many developed countries in the world have come to realize the harm of indoor air pollution, and put forward the theory of "indoor air quality (IAQ)" decades ago. At the end of 1950s, the deep research and Discussion on indoor air quality on human health effects of pollutants and their sources, and the feasible solution, low noise, high pressure blower is introduced for various places.
                    to improve indoor air pollution, the most direct and effective way to improve the indoor air quality is to ensure that the indoor air circulation, accelerating the indoor air discharge at the same time, accelerate the outdoor fresh air injection. There is a device can effectively exchange indoor and outdoor air, improve indoor air quality, and to avoid indoor temperature is affected, which is the fresh air system. The
                    of foreign air system installed with mandatory regulations, but our understanding of the new system is not high, the penetration rate is very low, what causes the development of new industries in China so slow?
                    on the use of foreign air system for a long time, some countries have also stressed the importance of law by the new system. China's relatively fresh air introduction the concept of time is not long, China's air industry production enterprises are mainly small and medium enterprises, the annual output value of about 34 million yuan, even in recent years, after the air industry has achieved a certain degree of development, the annual output value of new products to billions of dollars of production enterprises is still scanty.
                    fresh air system production scale is generally small, subject to certain constraints, the end of the ventilation and air conditioning itself is very large enterprises, so the heat recovery alone do not be too large enterprises. Because of the new system, production enterprises generally smaller scale, no scale advantage, it is difficult to reduce costs, making the air system to the low-end housing market promotion said of an aged person. Not only the scale of production, in the production process, the new wind industry is also a bottleneck. In order to reduce costs and improve profits, a lot of fresh air system production enterprises, the use of the new generation of the form of processing fresh air system, do not have their own production workshop. In addition, the production process of fresh air heat exchanger, in domestic key technology (the heat exchange core body) is also no breakthrough, mainly rely on imports, to a certain extent restricted the pace of development of the new industry.
                    new products on the market at present, the uneven quality of the situation is very serious. Some poor quality products use not only contribute to building energy-saving, but a waste of energy; some products, energy-saving effect to meet the requirements, but does not meet health standards, such as the national standard "air to air energy recovery equipment", to meet the health requirements, that is an important indicator of "effective exchange rate", a lot of products for the one-sided pursuit of energy saving rate while neglecting effective fresh air ventilation rate; only a few brands of products can reach the world standard, but the price is not acceptable to the general family.
                    in view of this situation, the new wind industry in order to steady development, the need to make every effort from the state to the industry within each enterprise. The first national quality management departments should strengthen supervision, supervision and inspection by quality control management, improve the quality of products; in addition, new enterprises should be strict with themselves, improve product quality, good reputation not only for a brand, and even have a profound impact on the entire market; in addition, the fresh air system to meet the modern architecture features can be accepted by more people, many enterprises in order to focus on the development of large profits to provide fresh air system for public buildings, in fact, household fresh air system is a more broad market, how will do fine fresh air system is industry's mission; finally, the air industry should pay attention to application of network publicity, cater to modern surfing habits, the traditional propaganda marketing combined with the network, so that more people understand the necessity and advantages of fresh air, fresh air the idea of further promotion .


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