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                    Ventilation products cited concern


                    The year 2013 year to now, many areas have been shrouded in haze weather, to people's work and life has brought great effect. Therefore, the governance of fog and haze has become the focus of attention of the community. In this regard, the companies are looking for new business opportunities related to the air pollution associated with fog and haze or on the basis of existing products to do further research and development. For example, household electrical appliance enterprises will focus on product promotion in the air purifier, in the field of central air conditioning, many manufacturers have begun to focus on the promotion of fresh air system.
                    can be seen according to the observation of the twenty-fourth China Refrigeration Exhibition, the exhibition of ventilation products and enterprises in the minority, W4, W5 hall focused a lot of ventilation equipment companies, such as ZEHNDER, the United States, Honeywell, Bai Lang, nedfon Matsushita and other brands.
                    ZEHNDER (China) HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd. launched the Kang Shuan ultra-thin energy-saving fresh air ventilator, mainly by 1 efficient plate heat exchanger, 2 energy saving fan, 2 filters, the controller and the box body. Small size, thin body, can be used for kitchen and bathroom ceiling installation, you can add antifreeze and dehumidification and other ancillary facilities. Fan residual pressure, can be enough fresh air, through a variety of pipes, especially Mori Tokuyasu wind pipe, sent to all corners. The heat recovery efficiency is high, in the winter without auxiliary heating will improve air temperature to a comfortable range, to avoid the hall of cold air, greatly improving the comfort. The use of fresh air system on display is
                    Panasonic heat exchanger axis ultra quiet and low energy consumption, does not occupy the indoor space, without destroying the structure of house for the family, can not only replace the installation, ventilation, and can make the bedroom in the window of the keep the indoor air fresh and clean, make your room beautiful, noble, dry and healthy indoor air also can ensure the indoor service life of various items, you can always enjoy the outdoor fresh air.
                    Yuyao Jiefeng air conditioning equipment Co. Ltd is the main push of air purification equipment and air conditioning pipes, Edith (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. indoor air show the central vacuum cleaning system, VMC central air system, Beijing Huandu Artificial Environment Technology Co. Ltd., heat recovery fresh air ventilation and air purification and so on are closely related.
                    with the increase in consumer demand for quality of life and comfort, fresh air system in the current market areas or will have greater.


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