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                    Installation of fresh air system is the development trend of residential


                    A fresh air system in the end what can bring benefits to ordinary people's lives?
                    in order to save energy and improve the indoor environment quality, we have the heat preservation and sealing performance is getting better and better, more luxurious decoration of the house, but it also caused the deterioration of indoor air quality. Indoor air quality has a great impact on people's health, especially for sensitive or infirm people, the cloudy air will increase the spread of bacteria, reduce resistance.
                    fresh air system can improve this situation. The fresh air system continuously polluted indoor gas will be discharged to the outdoor fresh air, filtered into the room, not only makes the indoor air fresh and clean, but also reduce the bacteria, mosquitoes, noise interference, at the same time, also played the role of anti mildew desiccant.
                    in special circumstances, fresh air can also protect the safety of people's lives. For example, every winter, due to the doors and windows closed, gas leak caused casualties occur. And a set of effective fresh air system may solve this problem. When the two stoves of the ordinary household gas stove are opened to the maximum, the gas released per hour is about 6 cubic meters. The new air system will be replaced every 2 hours of indoor air. If the housing area of 100 square meters, the height of 3 meters, with a total air volume of 300 cubic meters, the air can be replaced every hour of 150 cubic meters. Then, 6 cubic meters of emissions will not cause casualties.
                    two, fresh air system which product type? A
                    type negative pressure air system
                    system: household exhaust fan exhaust air inlet device of
                    operating principle:
                    usually fan installed in the bathroom ceiling. In the bathroom, laundry, corridors and other places on the ceiling or side wall to install air vents, and through the wind pipe connected with the mechanical fan, in order to discharge the polluted air as the core area.
                    in the clean area, that is, bedroom, living room, study and other space into the air, through the indoor and outdoor pressure difference, the outdoor fresh air in the air filter after the introduction of indoor.
                    air supply and exhaust air fresh air system
                    system: fan exhaust fan air outlet
                    operating principle:
                    by a group of forced air supply system and a set of forced exhaust system. Fresh air by air duct system into the interior of the exhaust pipe through the exhaust system to the outside row, flow direction, fresh air and exhaust air inlet and outlet of the new layout, can be designed according to the specific requirements of distribution.
                    heat recovery fresh air system
                    system: heat recovery unit air inlet exhaust
                    operating principle: in the supply and exhaust system based on the addition of a heat exchanger. The fresh air is preheated or pre cooled by the heat exchanger to reduce the temperature difference between the fresh air and the indoor air, thereby reducing the energy consumption. A centralized
                    air system
                    system: 1 two-way ventilation: ventilation (or bidirectional heat recovery host host) outlet air outlet; 2 one-way flow: exhaust outlet air intake device host
                    operating principle:
                    is suitable for multi-storey building centralized ventilation. The host can be selected according to the form of fresh air, such as the design of bidirectional flow ventilation can choose to send a row of two hosts, or you can choose a two-way heat recovery machine, such as the design of one-way flow ventilation form, then the host can also choose a fan. Centralized management, saving construction costs. Vertical piping. The host is generally located on the roof equipment platform. For restaurants, commercial buildings, schools, offices, banks, etc..
                    for residential, negative pressure fresh air system has a great advantage:
                    1. negative pressure fresh air system only in the bathroom cloth pipe, occupy the space is small, not indoor ceiling requirements. The length and the wall wind into the
                    2. negative pressure fresh air system is equal to the thickness, compared with heat recovery fresh air through the pipeline transportation system. It is more convenient to clean the pipes, replacement pad. The
                    3. space is relatively small, less personnel flow area, fresh air volume is not needed, not worth mentioning the loss energy of ventilation, if you spend more than the negative pressure air system several times more expensive price, not worth mentioning to recover the energy, obviously not worth. In addition, the air supply and exhaust system of the heat recovery fresh air system needs the operation of the fan to realize, and the operation cost of the negative pressure fresh air system is higher than that of only one typhoon machine to complete the ventilation and ventilation.
                    4. fresh air from the air inlet, after the fresh air units, through the air duct and then into the room in these processes may be subject to many pollution. Some scholars put forward the concept of "new air quality", which is related to the new age of ventilation (that is, from the outdoor air inlet to the indoor air supply). The new air entry time is shorter, less pollution, fresh air quality is better. The air inlet pipe of the negative pressure fresh air system is equivalent to the thickness of the wall, and the time for the fresh air to enter the room from the air inlet is the shortest. Therefore, the quality of the fresh air is better than that of the heat recovery fresh air system which is provided with a long and narrow pipeline.
                    for much of the residential, villas, small office, hotel, hospital cadres for ward negative pressure fresh air filtration system installation system perfect and convenient maintenance and low operation cost, scrub more suitable.
                    three, the current fresh air system is based on the building units or households as a unit?
                    households as a unit of the family fresh air system will become the mainstream. Taking Hongkong as an example, "SARS", questioned the centralized air by cross infection and spread them inside the building, to household air. Currently on the market products are mostly household.
                    four. Will the fresh air system deprive people of the need for natural ventilation?
                    household air system by families from


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