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  一、、To think is to see. 思考就是明白.

  二、、Truth will prevail. 真理必勝

  三、、Though malice may darken truth, it cannot put it out. 惡意可以誹謗真理,但不能消滅真理.

  四、、Time is everything for all of us. 對我們大家來說,時間就是一切.

  五、、Two heads are better than one. 兩人智慧勝一人.

  六、、Titles do not reflect honour on men,but rather men on theri titles. 稱號并沒有給人帶來榮譽,而是人給自己的稱號帶來榮譽。

  七、、To no man will we refuse justice. 對一切人都應給以正義。

  八、、Those who seek to please everybody please nobody. 見人就獻媚,誰也不待見。

  九、、Truth is the daughter of time. 真理是時間的女兒.

  十、、Time is life. 時間就是生命.

  十一、、To know how to wait is the great secret of success. 懂得如何等待是成功的重要秘訣.

  十二、、Too much praise is a burden. 過多夸獎,反成負擔。

  十三、、To err is human. To forgive ,divine. 有過失是人之常情。能原宥別人,才是超越常人。

  十四、、Time is speed for scientists. 對科學家來說,時間就是速度.

  十五、、To err is human. 人非圣賢,孰能無過。

  十六、、Too many cooks spoil the broth. 廚師太多燒壞湯。

  十七、、Time is knowledge for educationists. 對教育家來說,時間就是知識.

  十八、、Think today and speak tomorrow. 熟思而后言.

  十九、、Those that make the best use of their time have none to spare. 充分利用時間的人不會有余暇.

  二十、、True affluence is not needing anything. 一無所缺是真正的富裕.

  二十一、、True love never grows old. 真正的愛永不衰老.

  二十二、、To be both a speaker of words and a doer of deeds. 既當演說家,又做實干家.

  二十三、、To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. 活在生者的心里,就是不死.

  二十四、、Through obedience learn to command. 通過服從學習指揮.

  二十五、、Time works great changes. 時間會產生巨大的變化.

  二十六、、Too muh spoils, too little is nothing. 飯多會餿,飯少不飽

  二十七、、To idle away one's time amounts to killing oneself. 虛度年華等于自殺

  二十八、、Time and thinking tame the strongest grief. 歲月流逝,悲哀消失;思想專注,憂愁解除.

  二十九、、Time is money. 時間就是金錢.

  三十、、To me, faith means not worrying. 對我來說,信念意味著不擔心。

  三十一、、Think twice before you do. 三思而后行。

  三十二、、Truth never grows old. 真理永存。

  三十三、、Too much liberty spills all. 自由放任,一事無成。

  三十四、、Thrift is not only a great virtue, but also a great revenue. 節儉不僅是一大美德,而且是一大財源.

  三十五、、Too much familiarity breeds contempt. 過分熟悉會使人互不服氣。

  三十六、、Time lost cannot be won again. 時光流逝,不可復得。

  三十七、、To follow,without halt, one aim:There's the secret of success. 不停頓地向一個目標前進:這就是成功的秘密.

  三十八、、To widen your life without deepening it is only to weaken it. 擴大 生活面而不加深生活,只能削弱生活.

  三十九、、Trust thyself only, and another shall not betray thee. 不信他人信自己,別人不會出賣你。

  四十、、Time past cannot be called back again. 時間不能倒流。

  四十一、、To youth I have but three words of counsel-wrok, work, and work. 對青年,我的忠告只有三句話----工作,工作,工作.

  四十二、、Truth needs no colour. 真理不需要打扮.

  四十三、、To save time is to lengthen life. 節省時間就是延長生命.

  四十四、、Time is life for doctors. 對醫生來說,時間就是生命.

  四十五、、Time is wealth for workers. 對工人來說,時間就是財富.

  四十六、、Time is often said to be mondy,but it is more--it is life. 人們常說時間就是金錢,但不如說----時間就是生命.

  四十七、、Time is the greatest teacher. 時間就是良師.

  四十八、、Time cures all things. 時間是最好的醫生. /時間能醫愈一切創痛.

  四十九、、Time is grain for peasants. 對農民來說,時間就是糧食.

  五十、、True nobility is exempt from fear. 真正高尚的人是無所畏懼的.

  五十一、、Time is money for enterprisers. 對企業家來說,時間就是金錢.

  五十二、、Time is the father of truth. 時間是真理之父.

  五十三、、To find friendship offer friendship. 以友誼換友誼.

  五十四、、To know oneself is true progress. 人貴有自知之明。

  五十五、、Time works wonders. 時間能創造奇跡.

  五十六、、Time and tide wait for no man. 時光如逝水,歲月不待人./時不我待。

  五十七、、Tomorrow is another day. 明天又是一個新的開始.

  五十八、、Time drops in decay. Like a candle burnt. 時間一點一滴流逝, 猶如蠟燭慢慢燃掉.

  五十九、、Time flies. 光陰似箭.

  六十、、To have great poets, there must be great audience too. 要有偉大的詩人,必須要有偉大的聽眾。

  六十一、、To hide a fault with a lie is to replace a blot by a hole. 用謊言掩蓋錯誤,等于挖一個洞除掉污漬。

  六十二、、Touch pitch, and you will be defiled. 常在河邊走,哪有不濕鞋。

  六十三、、Time is a bird for ever on the wing. 時間是一只永遠在飛翔的鳥.

  六十四、、To insure peace of mind ignore the rules and regulations. 要想心安理得,就不要去管什么條條框框.

  六十五、、Two can play at the game. 你會耍的花招,別人也會。

  六十六、、Too much knowledge makes the head bald. 學問太多催人老。

  六十七、、True love is giving, not taking. 真摯的愛是給予,而不是索取.

  六十八、、To live is to function. That is all there is in living. 活著就要發揮作用,這就是生活的全部內容.

  六十九、、Times change. 時代在改變.

  七十、、Today's opportunities erase yesterday's failures. 今日的機遇可抹去昨日的失敗.

  七十一、、Two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it. 鷸蚌相爭,漁翁得利。

  七十二、、To sensible men, every day is a day of reckoning. 對聰明人來說,每一天都是要計算盈虧的.

  七十三、、Time is the great healer. 時間是最好的醫治者.

  七十四、、Today is Yesterday's pupil. 今天是昨天的學生.

  七十五、、True science teaches, above all, to doubt and be ignorant. 真正的科學首先是教人懷疑和知道自己無知.

  七十六、、Turn over a new leaf. 洗心革面,改過自新。

  七十七、、Time dresses the greatest wounds. 時間能愈合最大的創傷.

  七十八、、To know oneself is wisdom, to forget oneself is folly. 自知之明是智慧,忘乎所以是愚蠢.

  七十九、、True friendship lasts forever. 真正的友誼恒久不變.

  八十、、Tomorrow never comes. 切莫依賴明天. / 我生待明日,萬事成蹉跎.

  八十一、、Troubles never come singly. 福無雙至,禍不單行。

  八十二、、Time marches on. 歲月如流

  八十三、、To wait for luck is the same thing as waiting for death. 等待走運無異于等待死亡.

  八十四、、Truth's best ornament is nakedness. 打扮真理的秘決是不加掩飾.

  八十五、、Time is victory for strategists. 對軍事家來說,時間就是勝利.

  八十六、、To be or not to be: that is the question. 生與死是至關重要的問題.

  八十七、、True coral needs no painter's bursh. 真珊瑚不需要用畫筆.

  八十八、、Trouble is only opportunity in work clothes. 困難的只是穿上工作服的機遇.

  八十九、、Time tries all. 路遙知馬力,日久見人心。

  九十、、Time lost may be repented but never recalled. 失去時間可以后悔,但無法追回.